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No Risk 30-day Guarantee - Free Returns (Restrictions below)

If your bathtub meets the compatibility test as shown on this page "Will It Work In My Tub" and your shipping address is within the U.S.  we will email you a return shipping label so you risk nothing.  If your tub does not meet all three compatibility requirements, we will not refund your purchase.

If you are having problems with your BabyDam®, please watch our installation video to make sure you are installing it correctly.  If after watching the video you are still having problems getting the BabyDam®  to work in your tub, please email us a picture of your bathtub showing the overall shape and one showing the bottom surface to so we can diagnose the problem.  

If we can't get it to work we will email you a return label and once we receive the return we will refund your full purchase price, so you risk nothing!

If you are not sure if the BabyDam® will work in your tub, please email a picture of your tub (including a photo that shows the bottom surface) to We will be happy to help you determine if it will work.

Defective or Damaged Products

If you feel your BabyDam® is defective or was damaged in shipping, please send a picture of your BabyDam® to, along with a description of the problem.

We will respond to your email and determine the best way to remedy the issue. Rest assured, we stand by our products, and we will take care of you.

Call us at 1-800-315-3039 - M-F - 8am - 5 pm MST if you have any questions.