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Fitting & Sizing

There are so many sizes, shapes and textures of bathtubs in the U.S. and BabyDam is NOT compatible with all of them.

In order to make it easy for you to see if your tub is compatible please email us two pictures of your tub as shown below.  This will take you about 1-minute.

Picture 1 - standing at the back corner of your tub aim your camera (phone) down toward the drain, snapping a picture of the overall shape & size of your this.

shape of tub

Picture 2:  place a small object, like a coin or a key, on the bottom of your tub in the center and take a closeup photo of the object from about 3 or 4 inches away.  This will show us the texture of your tub.  Like this.


Email these two pictures to we will look at the pictures and very quickly let you know if your tub is compatible.  It's that simple!

If we tell you your tub is compatible, we will guarantee the BabyDam will work in your tub or we will pay to return it.  So you risk nothing!