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BabyDam Gallery

A simple way to store your BabyDam - turn it upside down with the suction cups facing up and toward the back of the tub, and flex it into position!

BabyDam with Infant Sling

BabyDam shown with infant sling - when bathing an infant that is unable to situp on their own, the use of a infant sling is a must.

BabyDam At Opposite End of Tub

 BabyDam can be used at opposite end of tub to keep baby away from taps if desired.  You would need to fill this section with a flexible shower hose or a couple of pitchers work well.

BabyDam makes a great foot bath

BabyDam makes a great foot bath to wash those stinky feet!

BabyDam makes a relaxing foot bath for mom

BabyDam makes a relaxing foot bath for mom or dad after a long day and the kids are in bed...ahhhhh!

Baby Bath with BabyDam

An adorable little mermaid enjoying a luxurious bath with BabyDam!
Thanks for the pic @mommallamababyllama

A happy BabyDam Customer

Baby bathtub with BabyDam!

BabyDam saving water, energy, time & space!

BabyDam in action

A happy customer and a perfect install.

BabyDam Keeps the toys within reach

BabyDam keeps the toys from floating away!

First Time in the big boy tub!  Happy baby, happy parents saving water!